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Moleben or Panikhida Request - Поминовение на молебне или на панихиде

Moleben or Panikhida Request - Поминовение на молебне или на панихиде

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Dear brothers and sisters. It is best when we stand together in church to pray. Please send an email to Fr. John Vass to coordinate a date and time which would be convenient for your attendance at your requested service(s). If you are unable to attend, please include a note in the comments box on the shopping cart page when you would like the services to be conducted. Thank you.

A moleben (“paraklesis” in Greek) is an intercessory service conducted by a priest, asking our Savior, the Mother of God, or one of the Saints for assistance with a specific matter (e.g. illness, family difficulties, employment, travel, etc.). This service can be offered in behalf of the living (Orthodox and baptized non-Orthodox Christians).

A panikhida is a memorial prayer service offered by a priest for the repose of departed Orthodox and baptized non-Orthodox Christians. 

A 40-Day Prayer / Сорокоуст is when private prayers for the living and/or departed are offered daily for 40 continuous days. These prayers are offered for Orthodox and baptized non-Orthodox Christians.

If you select PRIVATE Panikhida and/or Moleben prayer service, Fr. John will offer prayers for only the names you requested.

If you select GROUP Panikhida and/or Moleben prayer service, Fr. John will include your names at the panikhida and/or moleben to be served at the next closest Sunday.

Please list 1-10 names in the field provided. Please list baptized names and separate each name with a comma, not a break.


Almsgiving - It is customary in the Orthodox Church when requesting a service of supplication to bring an offering to God and His Church from the fruit of one’s labor. This act of almsgiving is spiritually beneficial both for the giver and for those on behalf of whom the gift is made (please be assured that we will fulfill your request for prayer regardless of whether or not you choose to make a donation). If you wish to do so, you may either donate online, or if you prefer you may send your offering to the following address:

Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church

Attn: Prayer Service Requests

1723 East Fairmount Avenue

Baltimore, MD 21231

Thank you very much for your prayers and support!